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Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your  well deserved holiday and that the new year has got off to a great start.

I spent the holiday in England and I took some pictures of some of the food I ate so I could share them with you.  I’ll explain everything that you see in the pictures, starting from the appetizers and finishing with scrumptious desserts.

So, are you all ready to come dine with me?


Forest and Flat Mushrooms in white wine and herb cream, served on toast with crispy bacon



Here are four typical main course dishes that you can order in most pubs serving food.

Beef, Mushroom and ale (a type of beer)  Pie accompanied by  mash, broccoli and leeks.

Pies are pastry on the outside filled with either meat or fish.

Fish pie

Cod fillet, smoked haddock and king prawns in a white wine and coriander cream, topped with crushed potatoes, peas and cheese and served with seasonal greens

Chicken, leek and ham Pie served with peas and chips.

A typical child’s meal 🙂


And this is my favourite bit of the menu! 😉

Delicious warm lemon sponge served with crème fraiche 

Apple, Pear and Sultana Crumble with vanilla ice cream and custard

Raspberry Crème Brûlée


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