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31 songs: Sitting down here

I’ve started reading Nick Hornby’s book  and I’d like to share with you the first of my ”31 songs” (Ok, I’ll be sincere, 31 is a HUGE number in this case, so don’t expect 31 posts! 😛 )

I’ll start with the first song that reached me. I don’t actually have a precise memory of the very first song that I listened to, nor of the one I first fell in love with. Anyway I remember that my parents and I were going to the seaside and listening to this song, and I was singing the refrain in gibberish (I didn’t know a single word of English at those times). It was such a happy and radiant song, and it reflected my mood in that moment.

I also remember that a couple of years later this song was used in an advertisement for a medicine against flu, but this isn’t very relevant 😛

I wanted to know the title and the singer of this song, but I couldn’t because after I had learned some English (and so could understand some of the words) the song wasn’t played on the radio anymore.

Some years ago I discovered a website on which, if you have a microphone, you can sing or hum a song and it recognizes it. One day this song came back to me and I thought ”Why not try?”, so I started humming it into the microphone and after a few seconds the name of the song was displayed:  Sitting down here by Lene Marlin.

Now, to be honest, I don’t like this song very much anymore, because I think it is too sweet and mawkish (even if it talks about revenge after a broken relationship, or so I guess).

However, this song still evokes in me wonderful memories about those sunny days, the radio in my dad’s old Fiesta and that long road to the seaside. 🙂

Lene Marlin is a Norwegian singer and musician. She had her début with the successful single ”Unforgivable Sinner”.  Her last album ”Twist the Truth”  was released in 2009.

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