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Hi there!

I thought you might like a short dive into the world of slang…

What is “slang”, you ask? 😉

Well, it’s a type of “sub-language” which people speaking every language shares… it’s the world of “nonstandard terms or nonstandard usages of standard terms”.

That’s what slang is actually made up of… words or expressions whose meaning has been “modified” in the colloquial language of different groups of people (teenagers, ethnic groups, etc).

Think of the English words “cool” and “hot“, for example. At school we learn that they refer to different degrees of temperature. In slang, however, both words refer to something (a person, an object, a situation) which is considered to be “great”, “fantastic”.

The same has happened to words which according to the dictionary have a negative meaning, like “wicked” or “deadly” or “terrific“. They all mean “wow, fantastic” in slang.

I had to think of YOUR slang expressions while watching this video on “school slang”…

Cool, isn’t it? 😉

So, are you going to kill your next pop quiz?

Here’s another video on the “slang” uses of the word “break”… Enjoy!!!

I also found an online Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms, look for the link in the NETtips reading links on the right…

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