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31 songs: Pink Floyd

All that you touch
and all that you see
All that you taste
All you feel

I was only 12 when I first listened to Pink Floyd.

My family had been invited for dinner at some friends’, whose sons, much older than me, invited me to listen to some music in their room.

I remember holding the LP cover of The Dark Side of the Moon in my hands while listening to it for the first time… unable to speak, suddenly blind to everything that surrounded me… a window had been opened onto a whole new world and I found myself floating in it, never wanting to leave, to go back to “reality”.

That’s how it all began, and how it’s been in the following years up to now… my last wish being to listen again to one of Gilmour’s solos! 😉

I cannot say “which Pink Floyd song” is my favourite, because each song is each time a new, and old, and unique experience at the same time… 

so #3 in my very personal soundtrack is… just Pink Floyd 🙂

and all that is now
and all that is gone
and all that’s to come

and everything under the sun is in tune
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon

Just click to listen to this video, chosen among thousands, but closest among all to my first “dive”…

I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon 🙂

6 thoughts on “31 songs: Pink Floyd

  1. In your post, you perfectly portray the way our generation met Pink Floyd. Back then, in the early 1970s, they were a band for grown-ups (students and the like), and being introduced to their music by older brothers, cousins or friends meant that you were out of childhood, at last.
    I’m not a fan, but like almost anyone my age I have a list of Floyd favourites. On top of my personal chart there is a song called “See Emily Play”, a relic from the British Summer of Love (1967). Syd Barrett, who was the band’s first leader, was a genius with a beatlesque sense of melody and a gift for writing lyrics which were imaginative and moving at the same time. At slot number two, there is, unexpectedly, a song from one of their “minor” albums, Animals, issued in 1977. I perfectly remember that particular spring and whenever I hear “Dogs” (with real dogs barking in the distance), music takes me there once again. (I almost fainted the first time I saw Battersea Power Station in London, the one photographed on the album cover – no flying pigs, anyway!).
    At least two tributes to Pink Floyd are worth mentioning: the first one is by an English band called Television Personalities. “I know where Syd Barrett lives” dates back to 1980. Six years later the Italian band Peter Sellers & the Hollywood Party released a song called “Stolen Letter”. Beautiful songs, delving into the mystery of Syd Barrett’s disappearance.

    • You’re right, being introduced to “grown-up” music by guys older than us was a sort of a “rite of passage” in the 1970s 🙂
      I also remember “the older guys” telling me about the first “Floyd era” and Syd Barrett, whose genius and lovely songs however I had the chance to listen to and appreciate later in my youth. “See Emily play” is also one of my daughter’s favourite Pink Floyd songs 🙂

  2. Oh it’s a wonderful album! 😀
    I burnt a CD version of “The Dark Side of The Moon” for my car, in a particular way that makes no gaps among tracks, so I can hear it from the beginning to the end like a single, long song…the album tells you a story, and this is the only way to understand it…:)

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