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“Saria” – character from “The Legend of Zelda”

That’s my little tribute to Saria – the “forest sage” – one of the most known (and my favourite) female character of “The Legend of Zelda” saga, the classic forever-young peter-panish girl from the deep forest… GREAT CONCEPT (thank you Nintendo).

Hope you like my painting!! ♥

Tools: digital tablet (Wacom Intuos 4) and stylus – Program: Paint Tool SAI

“Speed Paint” video of the process:

2 thoughts on ““Saria” – character from “The Legend of Zelda”

  1. Gosh! Where have crayons and paint gone??!! As a child I remember I would spend entire afternoons getting all messed up with paint of all kinds! I cannot believe what technology is doing! What wil our children do?!!! Cat Stevens was asking a similar question in 1970. Check him out!

    • Digital art cannot – and will never be able to – replace men’s natural approch to Traditional art. The problem you’re putting in evidence is quite important, but trust me: culture must be 360°. We need to know and appreciate the “origins” behind our uses AND technologies, in order to GIVE SENSE to them, not to put them apart (what if men returned to prehistory only because it is considered more “genuine”?)

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