31 songs

31 songs: Nuvole Bianche

Ludovico Einaudi - Photo

I “discovered” Ludovico Einaudi about one and a half year  ago…
He’s an Italian pianist and composer, whose music is deeply influenced by classical, pop, rock, folk and contemporary music. For example, his album “I giorni” is a cycle of ballads inspired by a journey in Mali, a land of ballad singers with an ancient music tradition. Others famous albums are Le Onde, a cycle of ballads inspired by the  homonymous novel by Virginia Woolf ,”The Waves”, Eden Roc, Echoes, Una Mattina, Divenire and Nightbook, that he defines as “his own” The Dark Side of The Moon.

He’s also been the Maestro Concertatore of the “Night of Tarantula” at Melpignano from 2010.

His songs are famous all over the world, and are also the soundtrack of various films (the most recent is  J. Edgar). Though he’s been defined as a Minimalist, he can touch your heart with only a few notes, and for this reason there is one song that has also become the soundtrack of my first love.

As I was saying above, I discovered Einaudi one and a half  year ago, when I was looking for a song that could touch the heart of the girl with whom I had fallen in love…
As soon as I heard “Nuvole Bianche” I said to myself – “Wow! This is my song!”. Then I made a video with my own words to declare her my love, using Einaudi’s song as background music, syncing (i.e. synchronizing) my words with the passages of the song that seemed to “translate” my own words into notes…
And when she saw the video, she started to cry and she kissed me…:)
This song is the first in my own “31 songs list” because it’s a special song for me, and every time I play it on the piano and I “feel” what the song is telling me, I remember her and her kiss…:)

4 thoughts on “31 songs: Nuvole Bianche

  1. I have loved Einaudi’s songs since I first listened to them… His piano is fantastic, and this song is one of my favourite 🙂

  2. Nuvole Bianche and Primavera are two really beautiful pieces. The former, most especially, brings so much emotions to me; a beautiful euphoria.

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