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How will people spend their time online in 2012?

Hello world!

I’m back  to talk about the Internet, in particular about its growth during the last years.

Some American statesmen have made some predictions about the use of the Internet in the future, and the results are incredible:

the web is already increasing its size!

The audience of Internet users in the USA will increase by 3.1% during 2012 (that’s the 75.6% of the total population, 239 million users in total); 121% is the increase in the use of the Internet in only 5 years and it will continue to grow  in 2012.

More than 51% of internet users will suffer from ‘e-anxiety’ if they are unable to check their emails or Facebook page, and 3000 more photos will be uploaded to Flickr every minute (did you know it, Ryder? :D).

In 2012 mobile Internet users will be 113.9 milion and smart phone users will be 106.7  milion and there will be 62.8% more tablet users.

Facebook will reach 143.4 milion users in the USA during this year (increasing by 8.2%); 30 billion more pieces of content will be shared on Facebook each month; about 2/3 of users will use social networks (more than 90% of them will be on Facebook).

Social networks and blogs will continue to dominate Americans’  time online (in fact, nearly a quarter of the total time spent online will be in social networks such as Twitter or Facebook)… online video viewers for 2012 will be 169.3 milion (53% of the world population, 70.8% of the Internet users), and more than 14% will upload a video to YouTube.

Mobile games will increase by 67% and the most downloaded apps for phones will be games such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja.

88.1% of American Internet users aged 14+ will browse or research products online, online buyers will reach 154.6 milion (more than 4.4% from 2011); books are the first thing that people will be going to buy online in the near future, reaching 4.4% of online shopping.

And what about you? How much time do you spend online?

Let me know! 🙂


2 thoughts on “How will people spend their time online in 2012?

  1. I’m an active girl, so I prefer spending my time outside in interesting activities rather than staying for hours in front of a screen (when I don’t have to study, it’s clear! ;-))… But I can’t deny that the internet is useful and indispensable for students… Today, how would they do their homework and school researches without the net?? 🙂

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