Researchers from the CERN laboratory have recently denied their early discovery in the field of elementary subatomic particles!

When I first heard of their mistaken results, I was disappointed yet at the same time I sighed with relief! This means that the world as we know it has not been turned upside down.

The experiment carried out between the CERN in Geneva and the Gran Sasso laboratory failed in demonstrating that there are some bodies in the universe that can travel faster than light. The news announced at the beginning of October last year made our certainties vacillate and led to some physicists putting in doubt the validity of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The world of science had split into two parts: those who were inspired by the idea that scientific research is never-ending and thought that sophisticated instruments had shown that what seemed to be a certainty was wrong, and those who stated that caution was necessary and that further tests were required before making public such a staggering discovery.

The latter were right, as the scientist of the laboratory said that a mistake was made in connecting the detector and computer used to measure the time taken by the neutrinos to cover the distance between the CERN and the LNGS laboratory. The cable of optical fiber through which the computer and the detector were connected caused some anomalies and calculations made by the computer were not correct.

Now scientists think that there might be two reasons for the anomalies that occurred in the experiment: the first one concerns the calibration of the atomic clock. An atomic clock uses an electronic transition frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum of atoms and it’s the most accurate time-measuring instrument. The second reason has got to do with the transmission of data from the optical fiber to the input component of the computer. In normal conditions the connection of this cable can either be on or off, but something strange happened when the neutrinos were being sent to the LNGS: the cable was neither on nor off, it was halfway!

Proving that neutrinos can overtake the speed of light would confirm the existence of some extra dimension, because bodies provided with mass cannot travel faster than light unless they move through a “shortcut” in space-time, but the speed of light that Michelson and Morley measured in 1887 with a brilliant experiment is still the insuperable limit of speed that nothing in the universe can overtake; just like Einstein theorized on the grounds of his well-known Gedankenexperiment (mental experiment) 100 years ago. And to think that he had only imagined it all in his mind, but to this day he has yet to be proved wrong. Einstein’s got his own back!!



  1. Teachers, if you want not only to feel younger but to get younger (without plastic surgery) you can consider the shortcut Anthony talks about, instead of the pyramid of the Sun..they’re features of the spacetime (known as wormholes) which allow superluminal travel: if the speed is faster than light, the time passes more slowly..this is theoretically possible but we have to wait for someone who will build an “engine” to travel back in time!
    Ps. The article is very interesting!

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