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An example of Romantic ballet

In the previous post we watched an awesome interpretation of the typical Spanish dance, the Cachucha (from the ballet Le Diable Boiteux), by the most famous Italian ballet dancer, Carla Fracci, in a reconstruction of the extract for a television programme in 1987. She was about 51 in that year (dancing starts to become difficult after the age of 45) and she continues to dance still today, her dance never gets old!

Just to give an idea of the typical Romantic ballet, here’s to you another video: it’s a part of  the white act (the second act) of the ballet La Sylphide, choreographed by Filippo Taglioni in 1832, music by Jean Schneitzhoeffer. It was staged in 2004 at the Paris National Opera and interpreted by the étoiles Aurélie Dupont and Mathieu Ganio.

In this extract the Sylph (Aurélie Dupont), who is in love with a Scottish young man, James (Mathieu Ganio), takes him into her realm of the sylphs, where he starts to dance with these spirits of the wind and the woods.

The lightness and the gentleness of the ballerinas is sublime, it seems as if they’re floating and they are really good at hiding the hard work they do in dancing their combination of steps. They are perfectly synchronized, in  every passage they create symmetrical figures and perfect canons, with the result of a romantic and harmonious dance.

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