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31 songs: Femme Fatale vs. Bachelor Kisses

In 1985, I was in my Velvet Underground period. It had officially started on 31st December 1984 and by February it was in full swing. Well, lots of music lovers were in the same situation at the time (this kind of things comes and goes: it is probably something in the air…): the only distinction to be made was about which aspect of the Velvet Underground you appreciated the most. I was more on the ballad side, and for a long time a song like “Femme Fatale” was my guiding light.

Since imitation is the best form of flattery, I also wrote a song closely resembling it (I used to think  that writing lyrics in Italian would be enough a detachment from the original model to worry about similarities any further).

In the same period, I was struck by a song called “Bachelor Kisses”, by the Australian band Go-Betweens. The music had a special hypnotic charm all of its own and the lyrics were as they should always be: evocative and enigmatic at the same time.

When I saw the song’s video-clip, my positive impression became even stronger: the guys in the band had such an ordinary aspect and a girl was sitting behind the drumkit. This last detail was very important to me, because it reminded me once again of the Velvet Underground (who had a girl playing the drums, too).

So, it was all a matter of echoes and reflections, some of which I can still perceive today, whenever I may happen to get lost in the simple geometry of this song.


3 thoughts on “31 songs: Femme Fatale vs. Bachelor Kisses

  1. Well, it was not a real cover: it was just a bad imitation! Anyway, it was called “Una donna così”(…); I recorded it in a studio, along with two other songs, spending all the money of a university scholarship (I made it faster and a little bit louder). Then I sent my demo-tape to a music journalist, under the name Boys & Toys (a sort of ghost-band). The music critic enjoyed the tape and broadcasted the song during a show dedicated to new bands on Radio Tre Rai. Rock’n’roll glory!:-) I must still have the cassette, somewhere in my garage…

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