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31 songs – Our Last Summer

My favourite song is “Our last summer” of ABBA, a Swedish musical group. It’s a song from the album “Super Trouper”.
This song tells the story of two lovers that nostalgically remember their last holiday in Paris: they walked along the Seine, sat under the Eiffel tower, looked at Notre Dame and loved the soft and warm summer air.
Now back at home they are prisoners of worries, regret and routine, and distant from that magical atmosphere that accompanied their last walk through romantic Paris.
I really like this song because every time I listen to it, I imagine the orange rays of the setting sun reflected by the Seine, and, for a moment, I pretend I’m sitting in the shadow of the Eiffel tower, caressed by a gentle breeze.

I hope you like it

4 thoughts on “31 songs – Our Last Summer

  1. This is the real power of simple pop songs: they work on us in a mysterious way and make our life better. Abba were great.

  2. I don’t think ABBA’s songs will ever go out of fashion! Thanks to the musical “Mamma mia” our generation can enjoy their music!

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