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The “LUCKY” Friday 13th

Do you remember Darla, the Amur leopard from the Tallinn zoo in Estonia we introduced last year?

On the night of  Friday 13th April, a little after midnight, Darla gave birth to three more cubs!!! 🙂

Darla was born in Berlin in April 2004 and transferred to Tallinn in autumn of 2005. Her mate Freddi was born at Tallin zoo in 1995 and the pair’s first litter was born in May 2008.

These first three cubs were not filmed on webcam, but her next litter in April 2010 was followed by us fans all over the world.

Last year Darla gave birth to two little ones, but unfortunately only one survived and we were all a bit sad.

All fans who have come to know Darla could see that she was getting ready on Thursday night because she was nervous in her nest, where the webcam catches her every movement, and we all waited anxiously.

The first cub was born shortly after midnight, and immediately proved to have a strong voice. Two hours later Darla gave birth to the second cub, letting out a strong roar as she pushed.

For us fans it looked like she still wasn’t relaxing so it was not a surprise when at five in the morning the third cub was born.

The biggest joy is that all three cubs are alive and well and Darla is, as always, a loving and caring mother.

It will be fun to watch these three grow!  The webcam will follow them until the end of summer, click on the links below!



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