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Good news from the leopard’s nest!

Hi there! Good news from the leopard’s nest! The three cubs are growing fast!
The vets have examined Darla’s cubs: all of them are females and they are all strong and healthy!

Two of them weigh 1,5 kg and the “loud and demanding one” weighs 1,6 kg.

It had been noted that one cub was holding its head slightly crooked, but it was thoroughly examined and will receive extra vitamins as soon as it starts eating ‘real’ food.

The cubs are starting to move around more and more every day. Keep following them at http://www.interactivezoo.eu/index.php?id=14

This is Darla’s and Freddy’s fourth litter. First came three cubs, then two, last year two as well but one did not survive the birth.

But the most exciting news is that last year’s cub, Baruto, will be moved to Italy, to the Torbiera Animal Park in Novara!!!

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