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31 songs: House of the Rising Sun

I first came across this song in a book containing traditional English folk songs. It told the story of  “a life gone wrong” from the point of view of a prostitute. I liked the tune and easily learnt to play it on my guitar. It was only a few years later that I first heard the re-arrangement of the song by the English group The Animals.

What struck me most, apart from the fact that the lyrics of the song had been changed to present the old theme of a life of degradation from the point of view of a man, were two things: Eric Burdon’s voice, incredibly powerful, and the keyboard solo (I’ve read somewhere it was a Vox Combo organ…  hey benjogan! That’s something for you! 😉 ).

And as I still love listening to this song after all these years and will probably never get bored of playing it, I guess it rightly deserves a place in my “Very Personal Soundtrack” 🙂



5 thoughts on “31 songs: House of the Rising Sun

  1. They say Bob Dylan was sincerely impressed by the Animals’ version. A decisive step in going electric…

  2. Great! I really should organize my roland keyboard in order to jab out that wonderful ’60s organ sound. Such a “twangy” saturation with a lot of vibrato effect, very neat!

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