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There’s one thing I’ll never get bored with watching… stop motion animations! 🙂

What amazes me most is the way the simplest objects around us seem to come to life… and the way in which each action is divided into single bits!

But what precisely IS “stop motion”?

It’s “just” an animation technique used to make inanimate objects move, apparently on their own. The technique in itself is not too difficult, as it consists in positioning an object along a trajectory of your choice and taking a picture of each movement you want the object to do.

For example, if you want to make a stop motion video in which your pen decides to run away from your pencil-case (mmh, great idea…) you can start taking a picture of your pencil-case, then of your pencil-case half-open, then of the pen peeping out of it, then another of the pen outside the pencil-case and so on… just imagine the sequence of actions and “recreate” it, divide it into small sequences and take a picture of each! Easy, isn’t it? 😉

When you have finished with photographing your sequence, the last step will be putting together all the pictures in a video…

and when you play the video here’s what you get!

Fascinating 🙂

Here’s a great video by the Israeli singer, songwriter, playwright, theatre director Oren Lavie, shot using this technique… simply amazing!


One thought on “Let’s… STOP MOTION!

  1. Oren Lavies’ video is amazingly creative!
    As I read the article I thought about Wallace and Gromit movies which are shot using the same technique. Basically, the film is created by painstakingly moving the plasticine characters.
    I have watched the making of The Curse of the Were-Rabbit where they explain that it took 15 months to complete the whole film! Imagine that!

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