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Travel diary: two weeks in Bristol

Hi guys!
How did you spend your holidays? Did you travel or prefer to relax at home?
I’ve been to Bristol for two weeks: it has been my first travel abroad and, above all, the first time I’ve been to England, which has been my dream since I was a child. My “study-holiday” has been so exciting and interesting that I’d like to share with you the most important stages of my trip. Follow me!

First stage: College life

I’ve been a Bristolian for two weeks because my college was right in Bristol. There I’ve met lots of people coming from different parts of the world: Russia, Brazil, Spain, Ukraine… but in particular Italy. Indeed I’ve noticed that especially Italian guys decide to have this experience and this shows how much we want to improve our use of English.

During our excursions or lessons, we were accompanied by activity leaders or teachers who were usually students that attended that college. I studied three hours a day and English lessons were not boring at all, they were very different from the lessons we are used to!

We talked about several topics, or better, we had to imagine ourselves in the strangest situations: once we had to work out a strategy for survival because our plane had crash-landed in the Sonora desert; we wrote a mini saga (a piece of writing containing exactly 50 words); we dealt with the Antarctic environment, pollution, the difference between modern and ancient Olympic games; we tried to invent a new Olympic game; we pretended to be journalists and we interviewed our classmates to know them better…my favourite activity has been inventing a CHANT. I didn’t know anything about chants! My teacher explained that it’s a set of words or phrases that groups of people shout or sing over and over; it is like the short songs that supporters or players use in sport contests.

We were usually very busy: after breakfast, we had morning lessons or activities; then we had lunch and immediately after the afternoon lessons or activities started (goodbye afternoon-nap!). Unfortunately, we had dinner at about 6 and after the evening activities we had to go to bed at 11 pm.

As I said, we had lessons only once a day and the activities were usually half-day trips, practising sports, drama or arts and crafts; we made all-day trips on Saturdays and Sundays, but I’ll talk about them another time …
Finally, the weather followed the stereotype of the English climate: cloudy and rainy days alternated with warm and sunny days.
In short, this has been my college life for two weeks; now let’s visit the first town: Bristol!

2 thoughts on “Travel diary: two weeks in Bristol

  1. I’m very glad to share with you my summer holiday…and if someone has the chance of going abroad, if i can make a suggestion, it’s worth going 🙂

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