a traveller's diary

Cheddar Gorge

 You may have tasted Cheddar cheese, but…  have you ever heard about Cheddar Gorge?

Cheddar Gorge is an example of a limestone gorge in Britain, which was formed by melting water floods during the periglacial periods.

Ice and frozen mud blocked this area when the weather was really cold, while in the summer the snow-melting floods shaped this area and carved out the gorge.

Cheddar Gorge is famous above all because there are two caves; we visited the bigger one, named Gough’s Cave.

It’s very famous because Cheddar cheese is still matured there , as it was 100 years ago, because of the low temperature.

Moreover, this cave is the home of the “Cheddar Man”, Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, which was found here in 1903.

A mystery surrounds his death, as there is a hole in his skull. Some scientists believe ancient warfare rituals could explain why he is buried there: people probably  decided to bury him in a twilight zone to prevent his soul passing from this world to the world of the ancestors.

During this trip, I’ve also discovered that our ancestors liked eating people, and that they managed to survive the ice ages and famines killing and eating their enemies…mmm, what a disgusting meal!

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