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A lonely trip to Ireland

Have you ever thought about starting a journey to a foreign country with nobody but yourself?

No..?  Me neither before this summer…

I do love travelling and I wanted to have a trip during my summer holidays. unfortunately when I stopped working at the end of August I couldn’t find anybody to come with me. So I decided to do it on my own. I bought a plane ticket from Ryanair and I left on 27th August for Dublin with nothing booked for except the first night in a hostel. I only knew that I would stay there for twelve days and that I wanted to make a tour of the island. But I definitely wanted to decide about my holiday day by day, just to make the trip a bit more adventurous…

 I have to admit that at first I felt a bit in a maze. When I arrived in Dublin on a cold rainy and windy afternoon I realised that I was three thousands kilometres far from home, I didn’t know anybody, but above all I had no idea of what to do for the rest of my stay. I honestly felt a fool and I wished I hadn’t had such a cool idea. Fortunately this feeling was to last only a few hours. At dinner I joined a group of French and Spanish guys I made friends with. We drank some Guinness together 😀 and then we went out. We also tried to get into a nightclub, but you had to be 21 and they didn’t trust me when I told them I was a 22-year-old French guy and showed them an old ID of one of my new friends!

 This was actually just the beginning of what turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life. Travelling day by day around Ireland I met people from all over the world: a guy from the US navy, a free-lance journalist from New York, a yoga teacher from San Francisco and a lot of nice boys and girls who were in Ireland for different reasons. We had a lot of fun together and even though I’ve been with each of these people just for two or three days, we shared some moments that I’m sure I’ll never forget.

 In the meantime I saw wonderful places all over the island. Apart from the cities and villages (like Dublin or Galway for instance) which are really picturesque and interesting and whose visit was absolutely worth it, I was astonished by the marvellous romantic landscapes I was often offered. I’ve stuck in my mind a picture of  Doolin’s harbor (a little village on the west coast) representing a grey rainy sky, the wind constantly blowing hard (of course I wasn’t in the picture) and a rough impetuous ocean trying to get possession of  the green and yet stony ground.

Even the Cliffs of Moher (some of the highest cliffs in Europe, up to 214 metres high) were really breathtaking. These  huge rocks, in addition to giving wonderful fascinating views over the ocean, show how little we are and how insignificant our concerns and even our whole life are in front of  the immensity of nature.

Another wonderful thing about this country are the people. Despite their difficult historical past they’re some of the most friendly and outgoing people in the world (they’re capable of being polite  even when they’re completely drunk! ). Especially in the pubs they are always  happy to give information and have a chat with a tourist.

What I experienced in this trip is that travelling on your own is maybe the most “sociable” way to travel! When you are on your own and you have no one to talk with, you are much more open (and also obliged) to get to know other people. Hostels are the perfect place to make friends with a lot of people from all over the world while providing an exciting vibrant atmosphere.

But another great thing, apart from the social aspect, is freedom. I had never felt so free to do (or to not do) just what I wanted, even just to take my time and get more in touch with myself.

These are the reasons why I suggest everyone both to travel just on his own (or I should say “to leave on his own”) and to visit Ireland which is a really fascinating country.

So.. What are you waiting for? Book a ticket and go experience the world…

I’m already thinking about my next trip 😉

2 thoughts on “A lonely trip to Ireland

  1. I envy you so much! Although I too would feel uncomfortable being lonely in an unknown place, I incredibly love that kind of landascape! That stormy and ominous sea, those high cliffs with green grass and dark rocks fascinate me a lot!
    I hope to visit Ireland one day, meeting new people, a new culture and new places!

  2. yeah it was really cool 😀 up there I felt a bit like “the wanderer above the sea fog”.

    good luck on planning your trip!

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