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31 songs: Ripples

Peter Gabriel,  Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett. Ever heard any of these names? They were the Genesis, an English progressive-rock group of the 70s.

In the 60s people would ask “do you like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?”, as if you could only like either one group or the other , or as if your choice between the two groups could be relevant in determining the kind of person you actually were.

In the late 70s the question was “do you like Pink Floyd or Genesis?” 😉

I remember being asked this question more than once. Again, a “choice” to make. I hated it.

I think that, as far as music, art, literature, and even “life” in a broader sense  are concerned, you simply can’t avoid taking into account that our multi-faceted nature will never  allow us to make a “definite” choice. Our lives, our likes will always be “coloured” with more than one shade of the same or of different colours, with buts and ifs, with beautiful contradictions that find a way to peacefully coexist in each of us, enriching our soul and making each of us unique.

So my answer to the question has more than one shade of colour… “yes, I do” 😉

I DO like Pink Floyd… while enjoying at the same time the dream-like quality of “The Musical Box”,  appreciating Genesis’ musical talent and symphonic rendering of “Firth of Fifth” or diving into a fairytale world with “Dancing with the moonlit knight” and “Entangled“, and I don’t care much about what it means in terms of what kind of person I am supposed to be if I listen to both, Pink Floyd AND Genesis.   🙂

However, I have to say that since their 1978 album “And then there were three” (after Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett had left the band) my list of “new” Genesis songs has been drastically reduced…

As  for the video I have chosen for you, I am afraid my choice has been very much influenced by the scarce availability on the web of old videos of the group performing my favourite songs. So you can click on the titles of the songs I mentioned above if you want to listen to them and discover more about this group, while the following video introduces “Ripples”, a song taken from “A trick of the tail” (1976), Genesis’ first album after Peter Gabriel had left the band.

The word “ripples” refers the movement of water in waves, and if you listen carefully to the keyboard in the solo you can “see” and feel them all around you…

Genesis were incredibly good as musicians. Enjoy!

Ripples never come back,
Dive to the bottom and go to the top
To see where they have gone
Oh, they’ve gone to the other side…


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