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Imagine yourself in the Louvre in Paris, pushing through the throngs to behold the Mona Lisa’s smile or  imagine yourself strolling through the MoMA in New York or again, admiring the majesty of the Sydney Opera House. Most likely your skin will tingle, you will feel a thrill and you  will find yourself pausing in front of such beauty.

It is fascinating how even the smallest glimpse of various forms of art can produce a rush in a viewer. I remember being enchanted by musicals like the Phantom of the Opera  or being left speechless by a 10-year-old’s performance of a  complex piano piece, and I also remember enjoying seeing a group of young boys performing  break-dance in the streets in Paris.

I believe that there is a universal impulse to express oneself and this suggests that human beings are naturally hardwired for art as art is present in every  place and in every era. I also consider any form of art as an amazing talent and although it may not be possible for many of us to spend a lot of time in artistic activities, we can always be involved in something, even if it only means visiting art galleries or going to see shows.

Many neurologists today stress the importance of art in our lives as they  realize how the organisation of the brain relates to the conception and experience of art and they state that art truly is an expression of human nature. Furthermore, the benefit that can be  achieved by being involved in artistic activities are manifold. Dancing, for instance, requires a lot of physical  activity and it is an excellent way of both keeping fit and having fun. Other activities such as  painting, drawing or singing are also  enjoyable, relaxing  and enable us to escape from the rat race of our daily routine.

So, what kind of artist are you?  Musician,  dancer,  singer or  painter?

Whatever your view of art is, always remember …

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” 

 Pablo Picasso

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