Game of the week

FIFA Football Game

Hi guys, JhooZ here with a new game!

 Today I’m going to talk about FIFA Football Game.

Since 1998 FIFA has been published every year and is a game produced by EA (Electronic Arts). This game is probably the most widespread football (soccer) game ever, even in America, where the national sport is American football (a game similar to our Rugby).

For many years  FIFA has been considered a bit of a boring game, but since 2009 with the invention of new graphic technologies, it has become very realistic, with an increased graphic movement of the ball and the personalization of the football players, that makes FIFA very close to a real football match. The creators  have given all the players different abilities so as to make a player better than another one. Obviously, Messi or Ronaldo, who are among the best players in the world, will have a better “ability” than, say, a random player who plays in the Australia League. 🙂

In my opinion,  the “Ultimate Team” mode is the best to play with on FIFA 12-13. In this multi-player mode you can build your team with all the players that you like.  You have to win matches to get coins and then you can “buy” your  football players.

Another thing that makes people love this game is the possibility to do skill moves and tricks with cheap players.

If you have a look on YouTube you can find lots of “skill moves” compilations.

When I buy FIFA 13 I will try to make some compilations as well.

The link below is to one of the best European FIFA GAME players.

That’s all folks for today! 🙂


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