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Card 1 – The Magician

Hi, guys 🙂

In my last post I’ve introduced the first of the mysterious card of the Tarot. Today I’m going to talk about the second one, tarot number 1, the Magician.
In the first decks he is represented as a street magician, who usually has  a table in front of him  on which there is a sword,  a stick,  a cup and a coin – the four types of minor arcana.

In the Marseille Tarot he is represented with a sort of wand, or as an artisan.

Because of the position of his hands, his absent-minded look and the four symbols on the table, the Magician is the symbol of who can, with ability and deception, manipulate reality. His number is the symbol of unity, representing the beginning.

It’s a good card, because it indicates happiness and the ability to get what you want. If it is upside down, it indicates seduction and over-confidence.

See you soon, with a really particular card: the Popesse, which you’ll certainly like because of its story  🙂


3 thoughts on “Card 1 – The Magician

  1. By the way, what kind of reading do you suggest? What about the disposition of cards on the table?

  2. Dear ukefranz, there are a lot of possible different dispositions, but the experts say that usually it must be decided by the reader.
    I usually take from the deck three cards,because I believe that it’s my way of reading… try and when you decide, tell me 🙂

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