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Winds of change for the new year

The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change

Hi guys!

Have you spent a lovely holiday? I hope not to be too late to wish all of you a wonderful year!

How has it started? I’m sure that most of you have written down, or at least thought of, a list of resolutions for the New Year.

For example, I’ve decided to be more self-confident when I have to make a decision. 😉

I’ve asked myself why people are used to thinking about themselves and their life only in this period… after all, the beginning of a new year is just the passage from one month to another, from one day to the next. So, why do we always make this list? I’ve tried to give an answer to this question in this post, but if you have better explanations,  share them with us!

The beginning of a new year becomes the occasion to leave our past and our mistakes behind, because this feast brings not only fun but also (in my opinion, above all) reflections. Indeed, when I’m not busy with my homework or the frenetic rhythm of everyday life, I often think about myself, my life or about people who have serious physical or economic problems.

For this reason, the holidays and the new year give us the opportunity to think more about ourselves, about what we like (and want to keep) of our life  and what we don’t like or can’t stand; so the new year brings a “wind of change”: we decide how we would like our life to be, we select things we’d like to improve or value, and we set some targets we are determined to reach.

From this perspective, everyone should lead a wonderful life from 1st January, but practice shows that this is not exactly how things are. Many people complain about their jobs or love affairs but only a few people actually do something to change what they don’t like. It’s easier to blame someone else and give up rather than do our best to reach a specific goal.

We are afraid of changes, so even if we don’t like our current situation or are aware it could improve, we prefer to give up doing anything because what is “new” is fearful, it may be worse than the “old” and we look for several excuses and justifications not to change. Even a simple decision like joining a gym or the swimming pool seems to be a tremendously difficult decision!

And you? Will you be able to realize the list of your intentions/desires?
If you have not made a list of  new year resolutions yet, don’t worry, I’m going to give you some suggestions!

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