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31 songs: Castles made of sand

And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually

Have you ever built castles made of sand on the beach? I bet we all have 😉

Fantastic castles with high towers, surrounded by fortifications and fences, which let our imagination wander… until the waves came, and washed everything away!

That’s also what happens in our life, according to Jimi: we build our “castles”, we make decisions, or plan to do this and that, but most of the times what we have built turns out to be made of sand, and “falls into the sea, eventually“.

Too pessimistic, you think?  I don’t think so: keep building castles, guys!!! 😉

This song is one of my favourite Jimi Hendrix songs , hope you’ll like it, too!

Here’s the link to the song lyrics.

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