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Card 3 – The Empress

The Empress is the third card of the Tarots.
It represents a beautiful woman who holds a scepter and a shield, and its meaning is connected to fertility and intelligence.
In divination, this card indicates the action of a dear person, or, if upside down, vanity and aridity in feelings. In this position the card is particularly negative for a woman.
This card is connected with the idea of Mother-Earth, nature, birth and harmony between authority and grace, values represented by the Roman goddesses Venus and Juno.

The card of the Emperor forms with the Empress a complementarity on which we can reflect: in the game of Tarots every card is linked to another one, totally opposite.
This isn’t a coincidence: like in the real world, among cards there is an order, a harmony that must be respected, an indissoluble link between “yin” and “yang”.

See you soon with the next card!


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