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The magic of chocolate

Hi guys!

Did you spend nice holidays? 🙂 Did you eat a lot of sweets, in particular chocolate and “panettone”?

Have you ever wondered  why chocolate is so good, and where it comes from? The tree of cocoa has ancient origins:  in fact in 6oo B.C. in the Amazon the Maya grew  for the first time the tree of cocoa. Did you know?In Mayan society only a few could drink chocolate!!!

The only people who could drink chocolate were the king, the nobles and the warriors. There are many Mayan legends related to the history of chocolate! A friend of mine who lives in an Italian family, but who is actually Mexican, told me about these legends, which I really liked a lot.

Would you like to know how the cocoa tree was born? 😉

According to the legend, in ancient times a princess was left home by her husband, who had gone to war. She had to guard a great treasure and when the enemy arrived the princess refused to reveal the hidden place of the treasure. She was killed  for this, and from  her blood the cocoa plant was born, the seeds of which are bitter as the pain but at same time strong and exciting as the virtues of that girl.

After the Maya, also the Aztecs began to cultivate cocoa, and chocolate was associated with Xochiquetzal, the goddess of fertility. Chocolate according to them had mystical and religious powers, in fact  chocolate was sometimes mixed with the blood of priests.

Returning to the present day, it is true that chocolate gives comfort to a lot of us. but why does chocolate make us feel sooo good ? 😉

Recent studies have indicated that chocolate is a good remedy for depression, because it  contains a substance that is normally produced by the brain, and that this substance has a positive effect on our mood.

For this reason eating  chocolate makes you happy and cures sadness!

4 thoughts on “The magic of chocolate

  1. Very very interesting…I did not know this legend, it is really nice, next time that I eat chocolate I will think of this!;)

  2. How can you simply resist chocolate? 🙂 I LOVE it and I admit being a chocoholic! If Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory really existed I think I would spend my days splashing in the chocolate river!:) This article is very nice anyway and I didn’t know about the legend either!

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