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I Love Radio Rock!

Hi guys!

I’m going to talk about a movie that I watched recently. I Love Radio Rock!

I Love Radio Rock or The Boat that Rocked is a 2009 comedy directed by Richard Curtis and it talks about pirate radio stations in England in 1966.

It’s 1966, the greatest era for British Rock & Roll, but BBC radio still plays less than 45 minutes of Pop Music a day.

Fortunately, there is a pirate radio station on a ship anchored in the North Sea that plays Rock and Pop 24 hours a day and 25 millions of people listen to it every day.

A seventeen years old boy named Carl, who has been expelled from school, is sent by his mother to stay with his father Quentin, the captain of the Radio Rock  ship. The crew is composed of Djs, reporters,  staffers and comedians led by an American Dj, “The Count”. They accept the guy as one of them and help him to grow up like a man.

While the pirates are broadcasting from the ship, the government in London decides to shut them down, blaming them for low morals. In order to keep up with this decision, the minister Alistair passes a law that bans advertising on pirate radios.

However, when the  famous radio director  Gavin, “The King”, joins the crew, the radio can continue to broadcast thanks to funds from abroad.

After a lot of music, love and adventures to escape the law, the crew is forced to sail away by the government,  which is trying to capture them. In addition to this, the old engine of the ship explodes and the ship sinks in the sea. The pirates succeed in saving themselves, rescued by their fans.

After this event pirate radios became legal, and about 300 radios started broadcasting Rock & Roll and Pop songs all day and  night.


As a lover of rock music I liked this movie very much, so I suggest you watch it because it deals with the British rock revolution as a movement for freedom shared by a lot of teenagers but also adults.

Thank you all for reading, God save the Queen!


4 thoughts on “I Love Radio Rock!

  1. Too much English…I think I’ll go crazy, but the post is very very nice, I think that I will watch this film…Congratulations Pippo, in particular for the last sentence!:)

  2. I love this film, the story is fantastic and this article is very interesting…I think I’ll watch this film another time c:

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