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a few personal reflections upon death

During the last Christmas holidays I’ve been shocked by some really tragic events: first, the mum of a close friend of mine died for an aneurysm; then, two guys I knew very well died in a car accident on Christmas’ night.

This is not the place to write a report about an accident, nor is it my aim to move you. I would just like to share with you some of the reflections that these sorrowful events have brought to me.

Recently I’ve heard a lot of people talking about these facts, asking if all precautions had been taken, what the causes of the accident might have been, if anyone was responsible for what had happened, why these things seem to happen to the best people ever, why god can allow this… Hypotheses were made, opinions given, everyone looked for a reason or an explanation.

The truth is that all this chatting is useless: whatever the reason of their death is,  the only thing which matters now is that these people are not here anymore and never  will be again. They could have died in a million different ways, and nothing would have changed. People die for an infinite number of reasons, they die because of car accidents,  cancers, and illnesses in general, others are shot, killed etc… Old age ends the work.

Most of the time we live and behave as if we had to live forever, but the only certainty in our lives is that someday we’ll die.

I’m not a particularly religious person, and I don’t believe so much in life after death…

So, how to behave? should we get used to caring about no one but ourselves? should we not love anymore???

Love and friendship are undoubtedly a fundamental aspect in everyone’s life: without them in my opinion life would lose any possible sense or even a reason to be lived.

This is why I think that the awareness that we’re not going to be here eternally should invite us to love more strongly and deeply, placing more value on the others and to understand the preciousness of each moment that we spend with a person…


One thought on “a few personal reflections upon death

  1. It’s really sad that you have to experience such events at your age. I heard about the accident on Christmas day, and as always when confronted with such horrible news, I had thoughts not very different from yours. For some people religion and the belief in an afterlife can be a comfort. Other people talk a lot and then forget. You’re right when you say that most people think they’re going to live forever. There’s a lesson to be learnt from things like these, you say. We should “seize the day”, trying to make the most of each of our day. That’s true. I am personally more inclined to see everything ruled by chance. That’s the only possible explanation for such tragedies, in my opinion at least.
    Thanks for sharing your innermost feelings with us. 🙂

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