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Card 5 – The Pope

Today we are going to talk about the fifth card of the Tarot: the Pope.

Isn’t it a strange coincidence? In this period we know that the Catholic Church is in turmoil because of the abdication of Benedict XVI!

This card represents an old man holding in his hands the triple cross, the cross of Malta, St. Andrew’s cross and the cross of the three worlds.

The Maltese cross has eight points and they are painted on the back of the gloves that the Pope wears in some tarot decks.

He usually sits between the two pillars of life and death.

If this card is extracted, it means harmony between the spirit and the material world, and also discretion, confidentiality and meditation.

If the card is upside down, it represents the exasperation of religion. It becomes a symbol of false moralism, intolerance and false prophecy.

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