Game of the week


Hi guys! Jhooz here with a new “Game of the week”.

Let’s start!  Have you ever heard of Skyrim?

It’s a RPG (role-playing game). In this kind of game you can literally make your own character choose everything about him.

This is fantastic! I mean, you can impersonate a big, fat, giant lizard or a small, slim super-human that can defeat dragons without armour.

After you have created your own character, you will be catapulted in Skyrim’s world, where after a little tutorial you can do everything you want. Obviously there is a story line that if you wish you can complete, but if you simply want to run killing people on your way, you can.

Now you will be thinking :“ohhh, this is booooring…” NO, IT’S NOT  BORING AT ALL.  Your character can interact with nature, with animals, he can pass from one  level to the other, he can use spells and you can even choose what he can say when he’s speaking to someone.

Magic is the best thing in a game because everyone would like to use it in real life. In this game, there are two kinds of spells: the simple ones, like “Fireballs or thunderbolts”, and the “shouts”. Using this kind of spell your character will shout something in a weird language and then something will happen. You can unlock shouts by completing the main mission.

My favorite shout is the Famous “FUS-RO-DA”. There are lots and lots of funny parodies about this spell on YouTube.

Ok, we have talked about the characters and the spells, but have I mentioned the Dragons? Dragons are awesome in this game and they are the protagonist’s main enemy in the story line. They are so cool that they will make you rage so much (it’s really hard to beat them at the first try) that you will hate them, but don’t worry! You just have to wait.

In my opinion this game is awesome: the story is fantastic, the character personalization is fantastic and so are the spells and the animals. Moreover, the possibility of interacting with other people in skyrim’s world is fantastic and, last but not least, there are over  500 hundred  secondary missions. This means that if you want to complete the game (and I mean 100% of it!) you have to play over 100 hours! However, only nerds do that, and WE ARE NOT NERDS, aren’t we? 😉

OK, this is all for today.  It’s been your JhooZ,  writing for you all, so if you dig this please leave a comment.

PEACE and LOVE to you all

4 thoughts on “Skyrim

  1. I agree with you but i think that the story of the elder scroll 2 is better than skyrim. However, the characters,the grafics and the dragons in skyrim are fantastic…skyrim is addictive and I’ve played this game for more than 80 hours ahahah

    • I did not play elder scroll 2 a lot so i don’t really know if the story is better. I’ll try to play it when i have a bit of time to waste ahahah :).
      By the way thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. This game is fantastic! I’ve played it for months..but when you finish all the quests and gain all the “talents” it’s a bit boring…Anyway it’s a very beautiful game.

    • i agree with you… that’s why i didn’t play it after i completed it. Well maybe i did, just because my character was over-power 😉

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