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As I was reading blogger Polyen’s article about politics in ancient Rome and how politics in itself never changes, I was trying to come up with something that would be interesting to talk about so I thought of what I feel is an issue that concerns us all: jobs and careers.

In the light of the present economic crisis, finding a job which we feel could be satisfactory is becoming more and more complicated. So where does our future lie? I know I may sound quite “melodramatic” but it is my belief that the more we are aware of the current situation, the better it is.

I recently read an article which stated that it is more important for people nowadays to earn a lot of money rather than to have an enjoyable job, because a good salary is seen as the key to a better life.

There is no doubt that having an enjoyable job is as important as the salary it provides, and combining both would be ideal.     However, this may not always occur.

Firstly, I believe all job applicants aspire to find a job which they will enjoy doing and in which they will be successful; and success often translates into economic remuneration. In Italy, for instance, wages are not growing because of inflation, hikes in utility bills and the general cost of living. Teachers, for example, are paid a third of their counterparts in Europe and yet many still express job satisfaction which comes from the challenges of working with young people on a day-to-day basis.

On the other hand, there are people who state that a good wage leads to a better life. Undoubtedly, a high wage raises the living standards, but the idyllic vision of a better life may not always come true in real life. For instance, many entrepreneurs spend a lot of their time working long hours, often missing out on their children’s childhood and they often push the boundaries of endurance resulting in stress and depression.

I strongly believe that it is crucial to have a job which is both enjoyable and economically rewarding. Eventually, however, doing what one is fond of will lead to a plentiful life.

What do you think?  Is money more important than job satisfaction?

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