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Self-esteem in the early morning

Hi guys, how are you?

Today I want to talk about a very peculiar topic: self-esteem.

Nowadays a lot of people are losing trust in themselves, and they think that they aren’t able to face the obstacles in their lives.           This is a problem a lot of people have in common, and it is also my problem. The following is a stanza from a song I like:

” L’autostima di prima mattina 
l’autostima di prima mattina 
è un toccasana 
ti scatena un effetto galvanico 
nella persona 
tiene l’alta opinione di te”

Do you know this song? 😉

Reading this stanza  we can understand how self-esteem can be positive for us from the early morning. As the author of the song says, it has a “galvanic effect” on us.  🙂

In  my opinion, the best way to self-esteem is to be happy, and the only people who can make us happy are our friends.                    Friends are very important for us, in fact they trust us and their trust is a fuel for our self-esteem. Just consider the first lines of the song: self-esteem in the early morning is a panacea, this is so true!

The best way to start the day is a “smile” or “good morning “ for our friends or our parents, in fact this “helps” us to feel more self-confident.

Immagine 1065
So don’t forget to add a smile to your day! And remember that

“The supreme happiness of life is to know that you are loved for who you are, and more specifically, to be loved in spite of what we are”  Victor Hugo

One thought on “Self-esteem in the early morning

  1. You’re right! We should bear in mind what Victor Hugo stated. I also think that friends can help us to feel more confident although our self-esteem must not depend too much on what our friends think. I’ve always thought that we need to believe in ourselves first, believe in our potentials and gradually open up to others… but, like all things, building up self-esteem, takes time-especially for shy people.

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