Game of the week


Hi guys, JhooZ here with a new episode of my new column of RETRO games.

Today I’m going to talk about a fantastic  underrated/unknown game:  Super Buster Bros, aka Super Pang.

This game was developed by CAPCOM for PS1 . The aim of this game is simply to burst the bubbles on the screen: as you burst  the big bubbles they split and become smaller.

There are two game modes: Panic Mode and Arcade Mode.

In “Panic Mode” every time a bubble is burst, a rainbow bar at the bottom is slowly filled. Filling the bar makes  the number at the bottom of the screen rise and when the bar is full, the bubbles will start moving  faster and a frantic  musical tune starts. A huge number of bubbles will fill the screen and only when you have frantically burst all of them, the screen will  return back to normal.

Arcade Mode instead is much simpler. In fact the player moves  from one level to the other with no panic.  Every level corresponds to a continent :  Asia, Europe and the two Americas.  Each level has a different layout.

The player must destroy walls, stairs, ladders or ice cubes. There are also different difficulty  levels in Arcade Modes: easy, medium, hard and expert.  Modesty apart, I managed to  finish all the stages at expert difficulty quite easily.  (NEEEEEEEEEEEEERD).

The game becomes funnier thanks to  PowerUps that are dropped randomly by the burst bubbles. The best powerup is the blast gun that shoots fast and can destroy three or four bubbles at the same time.

I played this game when I was younger and sometimes it drove me to tears, as it’s very tough to reach the last level on expert mode because the bubbles move so fast that you can hardly see them.  But I have to say that it’s also very funny because you have to be very careful on what you are doing,  and  if you lose concentration even for a moment a bubble will hit you and….. you ‘re done!!!.  Ha!

I forgot to explain that if bubbles get you, you die…. and so you have to restart from the first level again, and that’s terrible, especially if you’re not too good as a player.  Anyway, with a bit of practice everybody can improve and can become good enough to face the challenge.

Enjoy!!! and see you all very soon. 🙂

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