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Joseph Smith and the magic golden necklace

This story shows how an ordinary man can be influenced by his personal experiences and change his attitude towards people.

Joseph Smith was a brilliant archeologist: when he was twelve his parents died, so he was adopted by his aunt  Julia, with whom he led a solitary existence in one of the most fashionable suburbs in London; unfortunately, he was a greedy, selfish, man who didn’t speak to anyone, except to his old companion and perhaps only friend, Jonathan, whom he had met while attending university.

Joseph had inherited from his parents a great passion for the Egyptian culture; at the age of 9, he was already able to read and translate the hieroglyphic system of ancient Egyptian documents; it was in one of them that, one day, he had read about a magic golden necklace: according to the legend, every person that touched it would be granted his/her wishes; the necklace was kept in one of the rooms of the Azgadadapffrah pyramid, and could be found only by following the inscriptions on the interior walls of the building.

Determined to get the necklace, Joseph decided to leave for Egypt with Jonathan; after a journey of 2 days, they finally reached their destination: “I’ll get in alone, Jonathan” said Joseph “ Wait at the main entrance door until I am back ” and then he disappeared into the pyramid.

The interior part of the pyramid was a long, narrow labyrinth with many dark rooms in which there was no form of life (except some rats); everything in there contributed to create a gloomy atmosphere.

Joseph walked for a while, reading the inscriptions on the walls, and he eventually arrived in the Pharaoh’s  room, where, according to the legend, the necklace was; but while he was looking for it , he fell into a well and broke his leg: “Oh, poor me, I’m doomed  to stay here for eternity!” he cried “there is no chance of escaping ”.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was waiting for him; but some hours later, not seeing his friend, he started worrying about  Joseph,  so he decided to get into the building and find him; luckily, he quickly found the Pharaoh’s room (he could understand hieroglyphics very well, too!) and heard Joseph shouting, imprisoned in the well; suddenly, he remembered having read that the only way to free people fallen in that well was to use a round shaped key, which was hung on the pharaoh’s statue; so he took it and freed his friend.

“Now Joseph” he asked “what do you think is more important? Friendship or money? ”.

“I think” replied Joseph “that money is of very little importance when compared to a true friend”.

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