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Rafting in Umbria

This post is by a group of students who went rafting thanks to a school project this year. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Rafting is navigating a river on a particular inflatable boat called raft. The crew, composed by 4-8 people, steers the watercraft between the rapids with a  paddle. The paddle is formed by a unique blade called “leaf” which is placed on one of the two extremities of the handle. On the opposite extremity, the handle has a grip called “olive”. Three elements  are necessary for your safety :

  • diving gear
  • a life jacket
  • a safety helmet

It’s an exciting activity for all people, that doesn’t request particular skills, and you can start “rafting” in a relatively short time, without having to follow a particular course. However, some basic instructions are necessary.

We had the possibility to practise this activity thanks to a school project this year.

We went to Umbria and we went rafting on the Corno river.  After the raft guide’s instructions, we started the experience:  the places we explored excited us for their beauty and the guide also told  us about the surrounding luxuriant vegetation, like hemlock, the plant which killed Socrates, the Greek philosopher. At the end of the first part of the itinerary we went through a waterfall and we plunged from a rock. Furthermore, despite the rain and the cold water, we got off the raft and we swam on our backs through the remaining part of the slope.

rafting in Umbria, picture by

We suggest this activity to everybody because it gives you incredible emotions, but remember to raft only with people who don’t suffer cold and who aren’t fussy and picky!

Have a good summer 🙂

Desirèe, Ester, Agnese, Marta, Giovanna, Martina


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