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Personal thoughts on the Freedom of Expression

Anyone should have the possibility to express his own opinion just because everyone of us is capable of thinking on his own and of thinking something different from someone else. This is my personal opinion (to stick to the topic).

I think that freedom of expression is the direct result of the freedom of thinking, inside of us, as part of our human nature. I can’t determine what is right or what is wrong, but I think that in an imaginary situation, before the creation of civilized society, in a sort of “natural state”,  men would choose what is in compliance with them. The Internet could be a good simulation of this condition: I like to think of the Internet as a big Democracy, and on the Internet men have freedom of expression, this is the right thing for them.

In many countries of the world this still doesn’t happen and people live under dictatorships, but we all can see how they are rebelling to their political system now that they’ve experienced the taste of freedom thanks to the spread of technology all over the world. How could someone criticize their determination and their bravery in facing death?

The problem comes up when someone abuses of his freedom. Should we say “abuse”? Hasn’t any man the freedom to offend anyone else, by expressing, for example, his hate for him? If we want to be anarchists we should say that yes, anyone has also the freedom to offend someone else. Personally I think that, if we live in a civilized society, we need to introduce some regulations to this specific freedom.  We should have the right sensitivity to understand when we are exceeding invisible “limits”. Most of all we should have the bravery to take on our own responsibilities. We are all excellent orators behind a computer, behind our mobile phones, behind an anonymous message, but have we the strength to put our face on everything we say or write? That’s how it goes sometimes, but not always. And so if I were asked about this, I’d answer that yes, some regulations on the web (I’m talking about forums, blogs, etc.) are needed.


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