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How can we read Tarots?

Welcome back!!!!

Let’s begin this year’s posts with an answer to a student’s question last year.

Someone asked me how can we read Tarots and which of the different methods is my favourite.

So, today I want to introduce the “Mirror”. With this method we use only the major arcana, and it is really simple.

We must create three vertical lines, each of them composed of three cards.
In this way we should have a square. In the centre of the square, on card number five, we must put a card face up, that will be our tenth card.

Card number ten represents the state of the “reader” in the present.

The number of cards follows this scheme:
First vertical line : 1, 4, 7
Second vertical line: 2, 5, 8 (covered by 10)
Third vertical line:3, 6, 9

The meaning of every card must be considered on the basis the numbers associated to each:
1: what the reader wishes
2:  feelings
3: fortune, difficulties
4: immediate future about work and love
5: friends, work and activities
6: economy, money and success
7: contrasts and people we must fight against
8: projects that must be abandoned
9: not immediate future

According to me this method can be interesting because it allows you to have a complete image of your life, in all its aspects, at that particular moment.

I want to end underlining that Tarots are only a game, and, even if in the past people believed in their powers, the answers are decided casually. So don’t believe that they can reveal you the course of your life!

Nothing is decided: we must build our life on our own, because future is in our hands.

See you soon ! 😉


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