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A matter of Life and Death – Softair

Hi guys!

I’m back like slowpokes in this period ahahah and since I started my “winter life”, I’ve started devoting myself to my hobbies, too. So I’m here to talk to you about my first winter interest…….. no, not school… Softair!

As many of you know, Softair is a sport that some people misconceive because it is related to guns, war tactics etc. However, I’m going to tell you today what really happens on the “battlefield”.

First of all, Airsoft is a sport in which two teams fight, emulating real war with guns, grenades, walkie-talkie, military uniforms and so on… Obviously not the REAL equipment, but accurate reproductions that work with electricity, CO2 or gas. The essentials for playing this sport are: an Airsoft gun, a uniform, special glasses and waterproof shoes. It’s played typically on Sunday and it’s a very famous sport which fascinates people of all ages. That’s a photo of my airsoft gun 🙂

2013-10-10 16.41.19

There are different types of games (a battle is called “game”): the Pilots, Take the flag, Team Deathmatch, Save the hostage, Assault the base and Light the bomb. Every game has its rules and requires a determinate number of people and a place to play safely. Let’s find out what these names mean 😛

The Pilots: two disarmed players go and hide in the forest (in a bush or on a tree) and the other two teams must find and carry them to the respective bases, keeping in mind that they have just fallen from a hijacked plane and so they’re gravely injured. If a team finds the pilots and starts returning to his base, the enemies must kill all the components of the other team to take possession of the pilots and win the match by bringing the two unlucky guys to their base (I said “unlucky” because this type of game takes a lot of time and the pilots are shot a lot of bullets without dying)

Take the flag: In this game there are two teams with a flag in their bases. Typically, a team is divided into two minor teams called “the attack” and “the defense”. The target of this game is to take the enemy’s flag and bring it to one’s own base without dying, and if a player dies, he has to wait a predetermined time to come back to life.

Team Deathmatch: The most played type of game. Every player has a determined number of deaths he can suffer. The team that remains with players alive, win the match.

Save the hostage: Save the hostage consists in saving a disarmed player from the enemy’s base and bring it back to one’s own base safely. Players have time to “resuscitate”.

Assault the base & Light the bomb: in this game  one team attacks a base and the opposite team must defend it. This is a very tactical game because players can’t come back to life. When a player infiltrates successfully a base, he must light the “bomb” and destroy it (not for real xD).


The bullets used in this sport are made of biodegradable plastic and the airsoft gun MUST be under 1 J (joule) power, as decided by the italian law, so it isn’t dangerous and it doesn’t cause injuries of any type. If you start playing Softair, make sure that you are well protected (ALWAYS wear glasses!), according to the law and then…. Kick ’em! 😛

I love  this sport so much because I love playing video games and my favourite types of games are FPS (First Person Shooter) and RPG (Role Playing Game).. so, instead of burning my eyes in front of the pc, I play with my friends in the open air and have much more fun .

Thanks for reading, I hope this will be helpful for those among you who want to play this fantastic sport.

C ya in my next article!


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