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Hi everyone 🙂

I hope you’re ok and enjoying school! Yeah, I did write “enjoy” because now I’m at university I do miss some aspects of school life!

I left school in July and I’m now studying at The University of Birmingham. Do you know where Birmingham is? Well, it’s in the Midlands, which is the central part of England and with a population of more than a million it is the UK’s second largest city. It is a vibrant, multi-ethnic city with lively arts and music venues and some of England’s best shopping centres.


The University is amazing and the campus is literally enormous!

There are  many facilities: there is a sports centre with a gym, a swimming pool, squash, badminton, volleyball and tennis courts and football pitches; there are banks, shops, cafes, restaurants; each faculty has its own buildings  and there is a huge library.

 I have to go to lots of lectures and seminars – small groups of students with a tutor. My degree course is International Relations with Spanish so I’m studying Politics, International Relations, Problems of World History, Political Economy and I’ve also got a module which is called Research Skills and Methods which aims to equip students with a range of research skills and research methods used in social sciences. I’m really enjoying studying Spanish although it is very demanding because besides being an absolute beginner in the language I have to get to grips with the economic, political and commercial language too.

My professors and tutors come from every part of the world! The professor for International Relations, for instance, is from Rio de Janeiro. My tutors are from Jamaica, the United States and one is from Mexico! It is fascinating to see such diversity. I hardly have any English professors; the professor for Politics, for example, is Scottish and his accent is really strong!!! The students are also from diverse backgrounds – I study with Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Canadians, Indonesians, Africans … living and studying in Salento cannot really prepare you for such a multicultural experience.

As for my free time, which is limited to Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, I’ve decided to join a volunteering association which organizes activities with children aged between 2-8 years of age and I’ve also joined the United Nations Society which prepares students to present their views in debates, discussions and negotiations and improve their confidence and public-speaking. Other than that, we gain knowledge about important global issues which we can then share during seminars or lectures. There are more than 200 associations or societies, as they’re called, on campus: the Latin-American dance society, the volunteering society, the Buddhist Meditation society, the Jazz society, the capoeira society and many other musical, academic, cultural, artistic, religious or political societies,  to name a few.

It is certainly an experience I would recommend – and I’ve only been here for a month!

Here are some more pictures!


Have a nice year everyone!

Best wishes from Birmingham!

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