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A fantastic travel into a Black Hole

Hi guys!

We know that the existence of black holes has only theoretically been demonstrated, but Andrew Hamilton of the University of Colorado has recently tried to simulate a travel into one of these. He chose the black hole that is at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Are you ready for this fantastic voyage? Time would flow more slowly than on the Earth, and it would take us “only” twenty-two years to get there! During the voyage the sky would seem an infinitely bright point. This phenomenon is called “relativistic aberration”. As we get closer to the black hole, moreover, we will find an area in which circular orbits are extremely unstable.

Continuing our voyage, we arrive in a place in which light is infinitely  “parked”, until, at the end, we will get to the “point of no return”, which,  if overcome, can produce two results:

1) If the black hole is revolving slowly, the bodies that enter in it are stretched until they are disintegrated

2) If the black hole is revolving fast, the bodies are immediately atomized.

So, avoid black holes 🙂  They could be dangerous!!! 🙂

See you soon.



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