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Amazing musicians!

As you can see from the title, I’m going to talk about an extraordinary duo from America that publicize its works via YouTube.

I love their music and I can say, as a musician, that they compose spectacular pieces and they play them with a wonderful sound.

This group of musicians  is called ThePianoGuys, it was founded by Jon Schmidt, the pianist; then a cellist, whose name was Steven Sharp Nelson, joined his channel. Next, because they needed someone to film and record them while they were playing, they employed a music producer and a videographer, their names were: Al Van Der Beek and Paul Anderson. So, the group was formed, and they started composing their works. In December 2011 they released their first album, entitled Hits Volume 1, and in 2012 their second album was released: ThePianoGuys.

But, what about their music? I think they produce a unique genre and I usually call it  ThePianoGuys’ genre.

It’s a kind of music that I had never heard before the first time I saw one of their videos, as they combine classical with modern melodies playing classical instruments. I think this is amazing!

If you want to check out their YouTube channel here’s the link  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmKurapML4BF9Bjtj4RbvXw

Stay tuned guys!


3 thoughts on “Amazing musicians!

  1. Thanks a lot for this post, Englishinventor! I really loved watching ThePianoguys’ video, which fascinated me both for the quality of their music and the setting (the Great Wall in China). I also enjoyed the attached video on how they managed to bring a piano on the Great Wall. Is it true that they are planning other videos using the other World Wonders as their setting? That would be great! 🙂

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