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Fashion nowadays

I’m Martina and I’m a new blogger. I’m going to write a post about fashion.

We live in a world in which our appearance, and how we dress, is essential.

Some people have the opinion that dresses are more crucial than our appearance. I’d like to explain my point of view to you  and also to give some examples to make my ideas clear.

For most people nowadays wearing designer clothes is a good way to better  interact and socialize with others.

But I do not agree with this. In fact I suppose that we have to set in the foreground who we are and pay attention to our society.


Furthermore,  if for example you put on some designer clothes and discriminate someone for not doing so, in my opinion you behave like an unkind,  rude person. In addition to this, if you follow  this type of reasoning you surely have different values of life than mine.

I can say that like  most teenagers I really want to be in fashion, but with moderation. Indeed, even though I like following fashion, in my opinion it isn’t important to be in the latest fashion.

In conclusion I can say that it’s good to be fashionable, but remember not to exaggerate!

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