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Stereograms: A trip in your mind

Hi Guys, I’m here again. The video doesn’t have anything in common with the article, but I would like to start this article in a different way. Let’s start!

What are stereograms? Stereograms are 3D images hidden within another picture. In order to view the 3D images, simply watch at the picture until the image starts to take shape. In theory it is very simple, but in practice it isn’t. In order to view the 3D images you can’t simply watch the image: you must try to see beyond it.

The images are really awesome, in fact when you “enter” an image you can see  different images in 3D in all their details.

Would you like to try to find this hidden images beyond the picture?

This is the first image 😀

If you can’t see the 3D images don’t worry and keep trying, the first time is very hard. Only kids usually can see stereograms faster than others. To see the 3D images, focus your eyes on the glare of the screen and you probably will be able to “see beyond”.

Bye, see you soon 😀

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