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Are we the smartest?

Who knows how many populations there are in the universe?

We don’t even know all the species living on the Earth surface, so why do we always think that we are the “smartest”?

Humanity was born about 1.5 millions of years ago. It seem a big quantity of time, but it isn’t. In fact if we imagine the age of the Earth to be of 24 hours, we “humans” appear only in the last 30 seconds. 30 seconds. It’s basically nothing, but we have created our history, our memories, and our past is full of events made by great people.
Humans can find a solution for everything: we have controlled fire, we have been on the moon and we have even created the nuclear bomb! Everything helps us to continue our journey, and everybody asks himself where it will lead us to.

But have we ever done anything good for our planet?

In less than 200 years we have started its destruction: water resources, oil and gas will end soon, nature is being destroyed and air pollution is really high. Humans want power, and many times they are evil! In all these years we have fought battles, scaring the weakest populations and we have always thought that who wins is the strongest. Fear is our weapon against each other, we can’t live together in peace.
It’s in our DNA. In short we are not so different from wild animals.

Who knows therefore if we are the smartest?! The only thing that we  know for sure is that millions of years ago, monkeys were our brothers and sisters: but are we better than them today ???

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