Game of the week

Prototype 2

Hi there! Sorry for having kept you waiting! 🙂

Here I am with the sequel of Prototype, Prototype 2! 😀

Remember Alex, that half-human, half-monster? This time we have to follow the story from the point of view of another man, James Heller.

The plot of Prototype 2 begins after the events of Prototype that took place in New York in 2009, again the set of the game.

The protagonist this time is James Heller, a soldier who, during the events of Prototype, was on a mission abroad.

Once at home, he heard that the plague had killed his wife and daughter. He got very angry and began looking for the person responsible of the plague. He met Alex Mercer who, having been not able to destroy the Blackwatch (remember? the organization that wanted to delete Alex because he was infected), told Heller that the Blackwatch was responsible of the plague .

So Alex, injecting the virus into Heller, found an ally to eliminate the organization. After having destroyed the Blackwatch, Heller discovered the truth: the real responsible of the plague was Alex, who had taken advantage of him. He also discovered that his wife and daughter were alive, but had been captured by Alex. So a long rivalry between Heller and Alex begins , which will lead to the end of the game.

The plot is longer than the first chapter, but it’s much more interesting, isn’t it? 😀

And here we come to the most interesting part of the game: Heller’s powers. They’re the same as Alex’s powers, except for some small changes and additions 😉 :

  • The Shield is now composed of two units (Alex had only one):

  • Tentacles: this power is new. It is very similar to the whipfist and improves mass attacks

  • Whipfist

  • Claws

  • Blade

  • Hamerfist

In Prototype 2 Musclemass and Armor are removed. However, the game is so cool 😉

And with lots of trophies, awards and medals, this is Prototype 2 🙂

There’s another version of this game, called Prototype 2 – Radnet Edition. It’s an online version, in which every week you can take part into lots of challenges, and there’s a special prize: Alex Mercer’s skin, with which you can play Prototype 2 with Alex! 😀

I really think Prototype and Prototype 2 are AMAZING!

In my next post I’m going to write about another fantastic video game!

Bye for now! 😀

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