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LoL – League of Legends

Hi guys!

Rockendil is back here for you with a new inspiration!

I saw the article about Dota 2 written by anonymousnameless and I thought -“Why don’t I write an article on the rival video-game, League of Legends?” -“I don’t know, it’s your job” -“Okay, okay, I’ll write it T.T”. So, let’s start! 😀

League of legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) developed by Riot Games for Windows and released in October 2009, inspired by the mod “Defense of the Ancients” used in Warcraft III. It’s a complete free-to-play game, so anyone can easily download it and play it in competitions online or just to have fun with friends.

Unlike Dota 2, LoL has different maps, in which two teams struggle for victory, and different game plays. However, players must choose a Champion, based on their own game-style, and defeat enemy champions or minions to try to win. Actually, there are 118 Champions that can be bought in the game store, but DON’T WORRY! As I said before, LoL is a free-to-play game, so you can buy them with the Influence Points (PI) you gain at the end of every match.

A classic match is engaged in the Summoner’s Rift, a square map quite similar to DotA’s one, divided in three “lanes” containing 3 towers each, which see two teams struggling for victory. Each team, formed by 5 players (or 6 during special Hexakill events) who hold different positions on the map and try to kill their enemies to destroy their Nexus. A Nexus is the heart of a Team’s Base, so there are two Nexus respectively in the up-right and bottom-left corner.

A variation to the classic match is a match in the Twisted Treeline! This map can always twist the fate of a match, it’s divided in two main lines divided by another one, that goes through a neutral area, which contain two capturable altars. Holding both of these altars simultaneously grants a determinate amount of attack and ability power, so be careful!

Other different game-modes, such as Dominion and ARAM, are available, but I think it’s more boring to read than to play :P. You must try this fantastic game,  I’m sure you’ll like it!

There are also various tournaments all around the world, called LCS (League Championship Series), and the teams who win those series have the chance to play in the World Championship, an annual event that involves the entire world. The prize for the winner is one million dollars!

That’s all! Thank you for reading my articles 😀 Leave your  comments on your experience. If you want to try this game, I’ll be glad to play with you!

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