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Tessallation : The Game

Nowadays we often try to find video games without of the ordinary game modes, with stunning graphics (sometimes not necessary), engaging stories and weird concepts. Well, while surfing the net, I have recently discovered the weirdest but most captivating and fascinating game I ever seen. Its name is  Tessallation.

Actually, if you try to Google it, you won’t find any result (don’t worry I’ll write down the link for you at the end of the article! 😉 ) because it isn’t as famous as other puzzle games are. In fact it is an academic project not really known but surprisingly interesting.

Yes, it is a puzzle game, but not a common one, it is quite special thanks to its weird concept : first of all you are a girl with a rubik’s cube as your head and your objective is to get through several doors by pressing different buttons. But you have a peculiar power that allows you to travel through time and overlay the different actions you did before just by pressing the “Time travel” button to unlock some items and achieve your goal.

Maybe a picture would explain it better :

As you can see the graphic is clean but striking, and the sound is really well-finished.

I personally think that everybody should try it, so if you are curious here is the link to the WordPress blog where you can get more information and download it : . Oh,  I nearly forgot: it’s free.

See you soon! 😉

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