TV series

Love through time and space

Hello there, have you already joined the Doctor’s team?
If so, you’ve surely noticed that it’s not only a science show!

It tells about different characters with different stories: in fact most of the doctor’s  companions are people who experienced sad events in their lives, like Rose Tyler, who lost her father when she was just a child, or Amy Pond, who is an orphan because of a crack in the wall of her bedroom or Clara Oswald, whose mother died very young.

Also the Doctor was hurt in his life just like his human companions, and even if he is an alien he  feels rage, sadness, fear and pain in his life, but he’s also able to be happy and to love with both his hearts…

Doctor Who also tells about love stories through time and space. The first love story in the new series is between Rose and the Doctor in his ninth and tenth incarnations. It is a sort of  ‘love at first sight’ but he never declared for her clearly. Rose loved the ninth Doctor and when he regenerated into his tenth incarnation, at first she didn’t want to stay with him anymore. His change was shocking for her, but she still loved him; so they continued to travel together until her death in the real word and the beginning of a new life in a parallel word with her entire family but without the Doctor. From here on the Doctor will always remember his Rose forever. However, she returns in the fourth season to save the universe again with him and his new friends, but she has to leave and return to her world with his meta-crisis and start a life with him.

Also Martha Jones, the Doctor’s companion in the third season, loves the Doctor but when she understands that he doesn’t return her feelings  she leaves him and tries to forget him.

From the fifth season there are new love stories: for example, Amy Pond and Rory spent their childhood together and he had a crush on her. Their real love starts thanks to the adventures with the  Eleventh Doctor: they marry at the end of the fifth season and have a baby in the sixth. Rory spends two thousand years as a centurion, waiting out of a box to keep Amy safe; she realises the depth of her love for Rory during her travels with the Doctor. They attempt suicide together in New York and she allows an Angel to touch her so she is sent back in time, to spend the rest of her life with her husband.

The love between River Song and the Doctor is more like a flirt in different times and spaces. They have to synchronize their timelines every time they meet and they marry to save the universe; she wastes all her regenerations to bring him back to life and he wastes a bit of his regeneration to cure her broken wrist.

The love between Madame Vastra and Jenny is a bit different from the others: Vastra is a Silurian while Jenny is human. They are married and they investigate in London during the 19th century.

One of the themes in Doctor Who is love , that wins on every troubles and antagonists! It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, if you’re human and your husband is a huge lizard, if you’re stuck in a parallel word, if you’re both men or women or if you have two hearts and you ‘sexy’ girlfriend is a time machine.
And you? Which is your favourite Doctor Who’s love story?
The choice is yours!


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