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Dante’s Inferno

Hi guys! 😉 Today I’m going to write about another fantastic video game: Dante’s Inferno!

Ready? Let’s start!

Surely you’ ve heard of Dante’s Inferno, that “fantastic video game inspired by the Divine Comedy”: in fact  it is just so, but it refers only to the first canto of Dante’s work, Hell (Inferno), hence the title 😉

Dante’s Inferno is an action-adventure video game, developed only for Xbox 360, Playstation Portable and Playstation 3.

The plot

The plot is the same as in the Inferno of the Divine Comedy, with some irrelevant changes made ​​by the game developers: the protagonist is Dante (re-imagined as a Templar Knight) who journeys through the nine circles of Hell to reclaim the soul of his beloved Beatrice from the hands of Lucifer. Dante’s enemies are the damned: he must kill them or, in the case of the most important damned  (Ciacco, Pontius Pilate, Cardinal Ottaviano ..) he has the opportunity to absolve or condemn them, receiving, depending on the choice, awards and other benefits. Some of the most important damned are “bosses” in the video game ( Cleopatra, Farinata degli Uberti, Flegiàs..) and Dante can only kill them.

In the game, Dante has weapons and special abilities, which he will acquire gradually.

  • Halberd: it is used only during a short part of the tutorial in the city of Acre and during the fight with Death, until Dante steals  from it its Scythe
  • Scythe of Death: a powerful weapon which will accompany Dante throughout the game. It allows Dante to damn the souls of hell and the other enemies he encounters

  • Divine Cross: a cross given to Dante by Beatrice.

There are also some spells:

  • Way of Redemption: the first spell of the game. It consists in a violent frontal attack, which will leave behind Dante a trail of ice that will damage his enemies.
  • Black Aura of Lust: it’s a sort of shield which protects Dante from physical damage while damaging nearby enemies.
  • Martyrdom: with the sacrifice of a little  energy and magic, it inflicts a powerful damage.
  • Divine Grace: the most powerful and useful spell in the game. This spell will make wings made of light appear on Dante. They will make him invulnerable. You have to use a large part of mana to use this spell.

It’s a beautiful game and all these spells make it fantastic: you’ll never stop playing! 😀

There are other versions of the game, such as the Death Edition, which is distributed only in Europe and which contains lots of other things ( an Artbook, the complete Soundtrack, documentaries..) and St. Lucia Edition, which contains all DLCs (“Selva Oscura”, in which Dante will learn another spell, and “Trials of Santa Lucia”, with other quests). 

This game isn’t very long, but its DLCs will make it longer and more spectacular 😉

So that’s all. Perhaps the game will have a sequel, based on the Purgatory, as the game ends with the words “to be continued”, so all we can do is wait 🙂

You must play Dante’s Inferno, it is a fantastic video game!

Bye guys, see you in my next post! 😉

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