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Family History

Hi guys, how are you ? How did you spend your Easter holiday?

I ‘d like to tell you about an important belonging that I inherited from my mother: a silver necklace.

In our family we are used to passing it on the day of our 18th birthday to the first-born child. No sooner did I get it I decided that  I won’t stop wearing  it  until my first-born child will be 18. Having promised it to my mother, I must take care of it wherever I am in order to guarantee the passage of this important belonging from my generation to the future ones.  Not only is it a jewel, it is a way to remind our generation not to forget our family history.

In addition to this, on the day of my wedding I will inherit another object that consists in a  ring. It is made of gold and on it there is the representation of my grandfather. My grandmother first decided to start to pass her possessions to her daughter, my mum. At first I didn’t believe in this tradition because it seemed to me a bit stupid and senseless, but with the passing of time I realized that in this way we could recognize our origin.

I’m looking forward to getting it because I really want to feel a member of my family due to this acknowledgement. Moreover,  this ring symbolizes the history of my family because my grandmother took it from her husband after his death during the second world war and she decided to put his portrait on it in order not to lose his memory.

I hope I will be capable to continue the passage  of these two possessions to my future generations.

What do you think of my family tradition? Are there similar traditions in your family? Did you inherit any possession from your parents?

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